No Two People Are the Same.
Their nutrition shouldn’t have to be either.

People Have a Widely Different Glucose Response to the Same Food

DayTwo is the only evidence-based, clinically-proven solution to inhibit glucose variance through personalized nutrition recommendations based on your gut microbiome profiling & standard biometrics.

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Your Personalized Nutrition App

We provide personalized nutrition and behavioral recommendations based on your personal health records and specific gut microbiome composition.


What to cook at home, what to purchase at the store, and what to order out. Get inspired by our unprecedented food database

  • USDA Food Database
  • Thousands of Client Meals
  • Over 2500 Restaurant Favorites
  • Delicious Recipes Tagged According to Your Food Preferences


Adhere to your recommendations easily by keeping tabs on your activities

  • Daily Score
  • Food Diary
  • Daily Menu Collections
  • Goal-oriented Calorie Allowance


Let the machine learning algorithm in your back pocket lead you to glucose health success

  • Learn which food combinations normalize your sugar levels
  • Start eating delicious foods you never thought possible
  • Adapt new habits to minimize potential reliance on medication

Personalized Nutrition App

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Personalized Nutrition App Free Shipping Included Clinical Dietitian Consultation Included